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PKI 102 – Digital Certificates

1. Digital Certificates One of the most important things when it comes to crytpography is authentication which is the process of verifying that an entity really is who it claims to be. In modern cryptography this is usually done through a digital certificate. A digital certificate binds an entity’s identity …

SSH Client 101

1. On the client host 1.1 Connect to a (remote) host To connect to a SSH server use

If no identity file is specified, the client will try to look for one in

. That is for RSA keys. For other key types there are corresponding default locations:

. …

PKI 101 – Key pairs

Public Key Infrastructure, aka PKI, is a set of roles, procedures and policies used to manage digital certificates and public key encryption. The end goal is to provide a secure method of exchaning information between parties. 1. Public Key Cryptography 1.1 Symmetric Encryption With symmetric encryption, the same key is …