Routing Order of Operations

The original information was taken from Cisco article on NAT Order of Operations. However, this order helps understand other features, like WCCP.

1. Routing Order of Operations

  1. If IPSec then check input access list
  2. decryption – for CET (Cisco Encryption Technology) or IPSec
  3. check input access list
  4. check URPF (Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding)
  5. check input rate limits
  6. input accounting – update stats
  7. redirect to web cache
  8. If configured with ip nat outside: NAT outside to inside (global to local translation)
  9. policy routing
  10. routing
  11. If configured with ip nat outside: NAT inside to outside (local to global translation)
  12. crypto (check map and mark for encryption)
  13. check output access list
  14. inspect (Context-based Access Control (CBAC))
  15. TCP intercept
  16. encryption
  17. Queueing

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